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7 Companies That Will Accept Bitcoin in 2021

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The world of cryptocurrencies has blossomed over the years with so many people buying and investing in cryptocurrencies. While the market remains volatile and unpredictable, social acceptance and corporate adoption are on the increase. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are having an effect on economies and businesses across the globe.

Bitcoin Payments Becoming Mainstream

The rise in crypto investors has given birth to a new phase for cryptocurrencies. We’ve already seen the huge surge of large convenience chains like Chevron, Circle K, and AM/PM who have been hosting convenient Bitcoin ATM kiosks that can be used to buy & sell cryptocurrencies with cash, but there are plenty of other big-name companies who are making moves to start accepting the top-rated cryptocurrency as a direct medium of payment.

Here are a few of the biggest names who are already accepting, or plan to accept, Bitcoin in 2021.


Uber Technologies Inc. is a company based in San Francisco that offers food delivery, freight, and ride-share services to its customers. Uber functions in over 900 big cities with a large population of loyal customers. The company wants to make payment easy for its customers by opening the channel for acceptance of Bitcoin as payment for its services. Uber believes this will be a positive experience for its customers who are looking for additional ways to pay for their rides. 

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi disclosed that the rideshare company is open to accepting Bitcoin as a payment method during an interview in February 2021. Hopefully, Bitcoin holders will be able to freely place orders via Uber and pay for them with Bitcoin very soon. 


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows sellers to put their goods for sale online with very little knowledge or experience required. It was founded in 2006 with its headquarters in Ontario, Canada. It serves sellers all over the world by linking them with buyers and helping sellers easily process their payments. They joined the crew of big companies accepting Bitcoin as a payment in 2014 after their partnership with BitPay. 

Sellers on the platform can now accept Bitcoin, as well as over 300+ other cryptocurrencies, as a medium of payment for their goods. The payment processing procedure for Bitcoin payments is as easy as any other traditional payment. With BitPay’s API, sellers can integrate the software to accept and receive Bitcoin payments on their end. This has gone a long way in easing payment for Bitcoin holders and sellers with Bitcoin wallets.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

The world's second-largest restaurant is also accepting Bitcoin as a medium of payment. Kentucky Fried Chicken, called KFC for short, is a fast-food company that offers sinfully delicious fried chicken and other homestyle favorites. It was founded by Colonel Sanders and Pete Harman in 1930. It currently operates internationally with over 22,600 locations in 140 different countries and territories. 

And just like every other industry, there are plenty of fast-food indulging customers who are demanding Bitcoin payment from their favorite businesses. KFC decided to take its customers’ satisfaction into consideration by enabling Bitcoin payment for its fast food in 2018 - but only for their exclusive limited-time menu item, rightfully dubbed The Bitcoin Bucket. The promotion was short-lived, but many customers are still hoping to be able to one day use Bitcoin to buy that sweet & buttery cornbread with their 3-piece meals again.


Amazon is indisputably the largest online retail company in the world. It has become a household name for almost everything you can buy. Founded by Jeff Bezos and managed by a team of savvy professionals, we have come to trust Amazon for its incredible offering and customer service over the years. It is no wonder that Amazon has joined other big companies in accepting Bitcoin as a medium of payment.

While it does not currently accept direct payment of Bitcoin, there is good news for Bitcoin holders using a little-known trick. Amazon gift cards can be purchased by Bitcoin holders via third-party sites like Butrefill. Butrefill is a reliable and easy-to-use site that offers a variety of gift cards including Amazon gift cards. If you’re a big Amazon shopper with an urge to spend your cryptocurrency, this is a great way to make it happen without exchanging your holdings for fiat first!


PayPal Holdings Inc. is a financial service company that has become a go-to for almost everyone that wishes to perform transactions online. The company has been in the game of rendering financial solutions for over 20 years, boasting Elon Musk as one of the original founders. Its users are estimated to be over 300 million people globally. PayPal appears to have a forward-thinking approach with cryptocurrencies hence its adoption of Bitcoin as a currency on the platform in October 2020. 

The company in a press release stated that its users can buy, hold and sell Bitcoins via their PayPal accounts. In addition to that, the company provides its users with valuable content regarding Bitcoins to bring them to light and encourage its usage. Users in countries that have been banned from using crypto coins and crypto-related activities will be benefiting the most from the company’s move.


Apple Pay is the premier digital payment service from Apple. The platform allows its users to make payments via their iPhones quickly and easily. Recently, they joined the bandwagon of companies looking to improve the payment experience for their users. In February 2021, Apple decided to partner with BitPay to enable users to make payments with Bitcoin.

Bank of New York Mellon

Bank of New York Mellon, also called BNY Mellon, is an investment and asset service-based company with its headquarters in NYC (Manhattan). It was founded in 2007 and has been offering top-quality investment and asset-based management services. Over the years, the company has streamlined its protocols to meet the demands of its customers. 

In February 2021, the company announced that it will be managing digital assets on behalf of its clients.  The company’s executive is reported to have said that the decision was in line with the expected demand of clients hence the shift in protocol to meet their needs.

Who Will Be Next?

The crypto craze is only beginning and it seems like every day we’re hearing the corporate buzz and rumors of big companies who are considering jumping headfirst into these new technologies. No company wants to be left behind when cryptocurrency becomes the new norm, so expect to see a lot of headlines popping up about even more companies beginning to implement Bitcoin payments for their customers… just make sure you’re well-versed on how to buy Bitcoin so you’re ready when it happens!

March 18, 2021