Attention Law Enforcement:


If you are attempting to assist a victim of crime regarding a scam, please note the following: 

-We can assist you with any questions regarding our process, but cannot answer any questions directly involving customer accounts and/or transaction activity outside of a subpoena.  

-You can request customer account, transaction, and wallet details. We may have security images taken from when a customer is in front of the machines, but there is no video evidence.  

-As far as a typical Bitcoin Depot transaction is concerned, Bitcoin Depot does not offer custody services for any customer bitcoin wallets; and therefore, would not be able to retrieve any funds from another party or the beneficiary wallet. 

-In our transaction process the customer designates the beneficiary wallet and purchases the cryptocurrency for cash, Bitcoin Depot will send the funds to the customer-designated wallet at the time of purchase. 

-Bitcoin wallets can either be hosted or unhosted. 

    • - Hosted wallets are wallets where the company hosting the wallet keeps the customer`s Bitcoin in its custody, and typically this type of wallet provider would collect identifying information about the wallet holder.
    • - Unhosted wallets are typically self-custodial wallets where the user maintains custody of the funds in the wallet themselves with ownership information not easily available. 

For assistance, fill out the form below and our Law Enforcement Relations team will be in touch.