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About Bitcoin Depot

What is Bitcoin Depot?

We are the #1 Bitcoin ATM operator in the United States. We currently operate over 7,000+ Bitcoin ATMs and we have over 6,000+ BDCheckout locations across the US and Canada.

We’re facilitating crypto adoption by providing people with more ways to buy, sell, send, and receive crypto—in person with Bitcoin ATMs and BDCheckout as well through our ios mobile app or Android mobile app.

What services does Bitcoin Depot offer?

Bitcoin Depot currently offers the following services:

  • Bitcoin ATMs (buy crypto with cash at a kiosk)
  • BDCheckout (fund your Bitcoin wallet at the register by scanning your phone)
  • Buying crypto online, powered by Simplex by Nuvei.
  • Customer support via call, text, email, and chat
Are you compliant with government regulations?

Yes. We are a money services business registered with FINCEN in the United States and FINTRAC in Canada. We have a money transmission license in all states where it is required and we do business, and we comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

What are your customer service hours of operation?

Our customer service team is available to assist with inquiries from 6 AM - 2 AM (ET) Monday through Friday and 8 AM - 10 PM (ET) Saturday and Sunday.

Start chatting with a customer support agent by texting us at (678) 435-9604 or emailing Support@BitcoinDepot.com.

Buy In Person

Can I buy Bitcoin in person?

Yes! You can buy Bitcoin directly from a Bitcoin ATM with cash. You can also buy in person using BDCheckout, all you have to do is select the amount you want in the app and scan your phone at the checkout counter of one of our participating retailers.

You can find locations for in-person purchases by using on Bitcoin ATM locator HERE.

What is a BTM?
BTM is short for Bitcoin Teller Machine. These are machines that allow you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with cash. Once the transaction is made, the crypto is sent to the user’s digital wallet.
What do I need to purchase crypto from a Bitcoin Depot ATM?

To use one of our BTMs, you will need:

  • A digital wallet for the cryptocurrency you’re buying (BTC)
  • Cash (minimum of $20)
  • Your phone number for verification
  • Email address

Depending on the amount you are purchasing, you may also be asked to scan or take a photo of your ID.

Do you sell cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin?
No, you can only purchase Bitcoin at our BTMs. 
Can I send money to someone through a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin Depot ATMs are to be used for personal purchases of cryptocurrency. Once your crypto reaches your digital wallet, you can send crypto to anyone else’s wallet using the Bitcoin Depot app (ios or android). 

Click here for a video on "How to Send and Receive Bitcoin with Bitcoin Depot Mobile App".

Buy Online

Can I buy Bitcoin online?

Yes, you can! In addition to our in-person options, we also allow you to buy bitcoin online through through Simplex, a third-party portal, using a debit or credit card. We currently accept Visa and Mastercard.

Due to licensing restrictions, residents of Alaska will not be able to make online purchases through Simplex. Be aware that some card issuers do not approve online crypto purchases. If your card is declined, please try again with a different card.

What type of crypto can I buy online?
Our service provider currently offers Bitcoin (BTC). These are subject to change as the market adopts new cryptocurrencies.
How long will it take to receive my crypto through the online service?
For online purchases, it typically only takes a few minutes for your crypto to land in your digital wallet.
Is buying crypto with a credit or debit card safe?
Absolutely. We’ve partnered with Simplex for online card transactions. Each purchase is fulfilled through their secure portal which includes fraud protection.
Who is Simplex?

Simplex is the payment processing company that we have partnered with for credit and debit card transactions.

Do I need an account to purchase crypto online?
Nope, but you will need a digital wallet for BTC to receive your crypto. You will also need a valid credit or debit card.
Am I able to buy Bitcoin with cash instead of a credit card?
Of course! If you prefer to buy your crypto with cash, you can visit any of our BTMs across America. Download the app or head to our BTM Locations page to find a BTM near you.


Can I host a Bitcoin ATM at my business?

We are looking for locations with high foot traffic and long operating hours. Most of our BTMs are in 24-hour gas stations and convenience stores, grocery stores, and liquor stores.  Visit our Host a BTM page to apply and see if your location meets our requirements.

Can I suggest a new location for a Bitcoin Depot ATM?
Yes! Through our referral program, you can actually earn money as an independent sales contractor. Earn up to $300 per referral when you find a new location to host a Bitcoin Depot ATM. Terms Apply.
What are the benefits of hosting a Bitcoin ATM?
Hosting a BTM is a great way to earn some extra revenue, increase foot traffic to your business, and support Bitcoin locally by facilitating Bitcoin adoption in your community.
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital currency and it's mainly used as another form of cash to purchase goods or send money to friends or relatives. A lot of our customers use Bitcoin to send money to their friends or family because blockchain fees tend to be lower than those of leading money transfer services.
What does your kiosk do?
  • It allows anyone to use their wallet to buy crypto with cash and have it sent straight to their wallet. 
  • Stores are not responsible for keeping the kiosk running or handling transactions. We service the machine, handle any repairs, and even offer customer service 24/7.  So if a customer comes up to our kiosk and has a question about their transaction or something is going on with the machine, they won’t stand in line and bother you or your employees. They will give us a call and we will handle everything.
  • By advertising our services in your store, we are more likely to drive new customers to your store. We create social media posts, do text campaigns, advertise on Google, and will also have your store on our website. With these marketing campaigns, it will help people become more familiar with your store and more likely to visit our kiosk.
What responsibility do I have as a store owner?
  • The store doesn't have any responsibility other than to provide the space and utilities for the Bitcoin ATM. *Terms apply. 
  • We spend a lot of money each month marketing the location on google, social media, text and email ads. In all, we advertise their location on about 60 different listing platforms.
  • The store receives a monthly payment from us.
We don’t have space in the store right now
The machine is only two feet in width. Do you not have two feet of space in your store that could bring you hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, monthly? Not to mention, you will also receive free marketing, receive more foot traffic, and see an increase in your ATM sales.
What are the benefits for me and to put one of your Kiosks in my store?
We spend a lot of money each month marketing the location on google, social media, text and email ads. Lastly, the store receives a monthly payment to the store from us.
What are the responsibilities for myself and my employees?

The store doesn't have any responsibility other than to provide the space and utilities for the Bitcoin kiosk. *Terms apply.  We will handle the servicing, the maintenance, the repairs, and the installation of the machine. We also offer customer service 24/7 so that if a customer has a question, they can give us a call rather than stand in line and bother you or your employees.

What is the size or dimension of the machine?
It’s a foot and a half in width and has around the same dimensions as a regular ATM machine. (18W X 22L x 65H)
Will it be bolted down?
Yes, all of our kiosks are bolted down for safety & security reasons.
This machine will use a lot of power, I don’t want to have my electricity costs increase by a lot.
Our machine actually uses about the same amount of power as an average computer charger. Not to mention, when our machine is not in use, it is essentially in an idle power saving state.
I don’t have internet OR I don’t want this machine to be connected to my internet and use my data or slow our internet down.
Well we actually will not be using your internet connection. We supply our own internet to our machine through a wireless 4G router in the kiosk that uses cellular network.
Will I be liable if the kiosk is stolen?
No you are not liable.

Bitcoin Depot App

Can I buy Bitcoin through the Bitcoin Depot app?
We currently only offer crypto purchases directly through our website or at one of our physical locations. You can still send and receive crypto through the mobile app using your digital wallet.
Do I need the Bitcoin Depot app to purchase bitcoin through Bitcoin Depot ATMs?

No. The Bitcoin Depot App is not required for purchasing bitcoin through Bitcoin Depot ATMs. See full instructions on how to use our Bitcoin ATMs here. If you want to purchase bitcoin through BDCheckout location, you will need the Bitcoin Depot App (ios or android). Click here for instructions on how to use BDCheckout.  

How do I view my wallet address?

You can view your Bitcoin or other wallet address by tapping on the Receive button in the app. On the receive screen, you will see your wallet address as well as a QR code that can be scanned for transactions. If entering your wallet address manually, note that the address is case-sensitive.

How do I send crypto on the Bitcoin Depot App?
  1. On the main page, tap the Send button
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the wallet you’d like to send crypto from
  3. Scan or manually enter the wallet address you’d like to send crypto to
  4. Enter the amount that you wish to send
  5. Tap “Confirm” and the transaction will be completed
How do I receive crypto?
To receive crypto, simply share your wallet address with the person sending it to you. You can copy the address and send it in addition to other sharing options. If the other person is right there with you, they can simply scan your wallet QR code.


What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency that uses cryptography to secure transactions that are digitally recorded on a distributed ledger, such as a blockchain.
What is the blockchain?
Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.
Why haven’t I received my Bitcoin yet?
When you purchase Bitcoin (or any other crypto), your transaction goes through a confirmation process in order to be posted to the blockchain. This process can experience a delay if the blockchain network is slow or there is an increase in volume causing a backup in posting.
What’s a digital wallet and which one should I use?
The only way to send and receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is through a digital wallet. Each wallet has a unique address specific to you and is specific to the type of crypto its design to hold. You can create a wallet in the Bitcoin Depot app.
How much can I purchase at once?
Our daily limits per customer are $20 minimum and $15,000 maximum. .

Security & Compliance

Can someone steal my Bitcoin?
Unlike cash in a bank account, you hold the keys to where your Bitcoin is held. It is virtually impossible for someone else to access your Bitcoin wallet unless they have your wallet’s credentials. For this reason, it is crucial that you keep your wallet information private.
Will my ID information be secure?
Bitcoin Depot takes security and data privacy very seriously.
Should I send Bitcoin to a stranger?
You should not send Bitcoin to someone you don’t know. All crypto transactions are final, meaning that you will not be able to reverse a transaction after it’s completed.
What is a “fake sale” scam?

A fake sale scam is when someone pretending to be a legitimate seller offers certain products or services at a very low price and will only accept forms of payment that are not possible to redirect or track, such as Bitcoin.

If you think you are involved in a fake sale scam, we strongly recommend ceasing activity related to this situation and no longer sending funds to that party. Please be advised that all Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Scam warnings appear on our kiosks, so please use caution, as Bitcoin Depot is not responsible for your transaction activity. If you find yourself in doubt, please call or text (678)-435-9604 or send an email to Support@BitcoinDepot.com.

Why do I have to show my ID?

Bitcoin Depot is a registered money services business with FinCen in the United States. For some larger purchases, you may be required to provide your photo ID. This is in line with applicable legal requirements.