Everyone Has a Story. This Is Ours.

Our Why

When our Founder, Brandon Mintz, heard about Bitcoin from a friend back in 2013, he knew it had the potential to be something big. The only problem? Actually purchasing Bitcoin was extremely complicated. After experiencing this firsthand, Brandon decided that buying crypto shouldn’t be so difficult.

Today, we’re the world’s leading Bitcoin ATM (BTM) network, with thousands of locations across North America and multiple ways to buy.
Brandon Mintz
Founder & CEO
Brandon Mintz

Our Mission

Since 2016, our vision has been clear: bring crypto to the masses. With the most robust Bitcoin ATM network to date, we’re proudly leading the way to mass crypto adoption. Here’s how we’re doing it.

  • More ways to buy (in person and online)
  • Thousands of physical locations
  • Quick and secure transactions
  • Top-notch live customer support
Brandon Mintz
Founder & CEO

Meet the Team

Get to know the people behind the best Bitcoin ATM provider.
Brandon Mintz
Founder & CEO
Scott Buchanan
Chief Operating Officer
Mark Smalley
Chief Compliance Officer
Glen Leibowitz
Chief Financial Officer
Brian Sweatt
Chief Technology Officer
Ron Moore
Chief information Security Officer
Bill Knoll
Head of Product
Jason Sacco
VP, Operations
Sarah Wessel
VP, Sales
Susan Echterhoff
VP, Human Resources
Bernie Schott
VP, Finance
Amanda Jenkins

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