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Bitcoin Depot offers distributors a proven program to help build business and generate extra revenue. Join now and start earning.
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What is Bitcoin Depot?

  • The largest Bitcoin ATM (BTM) network in North America
  • One of the most recognized BTM brands worldwide
  • The most convenient way to get into crypto
Bitcoin Depots

Earn up to $7,900 per BTM placement.

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Why Distribute BTMs?

Get Paid

Earn monthly residual revenue for every BTM you sign up (up to $7,900 per placement).

Supplement Cash ATMs

Our BTMs are cash only, creating a symbiotic relationship with traditional ATMs.

Increase Traffic

BTMs can bring more people and potentially even a new demographic of customers to businesses.

How It Works

What We Handle

Entire operation of the BTM
Cash pick up
Payments to locations
Customer service
Online and on-site marketing
Bitcoin liquidity and fulfillment
Customer KYC/compliance
State Licensing

What You Handle

Signing up new locations
Installation (optional)
Providing FLM/SLM (optional)
Bitcoin Depot Workers

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