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Womens History Month, Crypto Edition Featuring: Angeleen Wilson

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Angeleen Wilson

Angeleen is a prominent woman in the Atlanta blockchain community. She got turned to the crypto community around two and a half years ago when she started doing research on mining machines after a few of her relatives started building their own cryptocurrency miners. This was the moment that exponentially increased Angeleens interest in bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. It was then that Angeleen realized how technology in blockchain could used in more ways than just mining cryptocurrency, and how it could be used to fix problems among the traditional and disparate systems in schools and media. 

Angeleen is now the co-leader and host of Women of Blockchain Atlanta, an initiative to help educate, share, connect and inform about blockchain and decentralized applications across communities with diverse interest and experience. Angeleen’s hope is to encourage women interested in blockchain to go out there and participate in whatever ways they can in this budding industry.

Angeleen now considers herself a data wrangling nerd, a dapp developer helping to create a distributed solution for children education space and media, and most importantly, a mom. She’s now helping organize and work with various state legislators, leaders, and enterprise businesses in Georgia to build the Georgia Blockchain Coalition. She’s also been a host of Crypto Ritas, an informative tech show and resource, which has even been featured on Adult Swim.

We have known Angeleen for over a year now and see her at local Atlanta meetups and conferences. She’s always a friendly, helpful member of the community and always one of the first to come say hi to our team. You can find Angeleen on Crypto-Twitter under the alias of @dappmom and you can follow her crypto show @CryptoRitas. We’re glad to have Angeleen as part of our community and can’t wait to see what she does for the future of crypto adoption. Thank you for being you, Angeleen!

March 8, 2019