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Where Are My Bitcoins?


This is the most asked questions we get every day. This is because the bitcoin network, aka the bitcoin blockchain, has been slow to process transactions recently. The blockchain is backed up because there are more transactions being submitted per second on the bitcoin blockchain than it is capable to process.

Most bitcoin wallets require 3-6 confirmations before you bitcoins are deposited and spendable. If your transaction status on the link provided after your transaction at one of our Bitcoin ATMs says “unconfirmed”, this is because the transaction has no confirmations yet. You will need to wait patiently as there is no guarantee in how long each confirmation can take. If you contact us regarding your transaction processing slowly, we will be unable to assist you because the speed of the bitcoin network is out of our control.

You can view how many transactions that are waiting for confirmations here: As you can see there are thousands of transactions just like yours waiting to be confirmed.

March 9, 2017