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The 4 Best Digital Litecoin Wallets


Litecoin is a decentralized currency similar to Bitcoin. In fact, it is often considered to be the silver to Bitcoins gold. Now that we are accepting Litecoin transactions, we thought it would be good to know what are the best Litecoin wallets. So, we searched the web and found 4 of the best Litecoin wallet software. These are the top 4:

  • LoafWallet – This is a wallet was actually developed by Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin. It forked from BreadWallet, which was originally made for bitcoin, and is made specifically for Litecoin. Some highlights include a very clean and simple to use interface, allows users to buy LTC directly from Coinbase, is open-source, offers multiple configurations for additional password authentication, and is available on Android and iOS. Overall a very clean, secure, and easy to use wallet.
  • LiteVault – LiteVault is a wallet that goes to great measures to keep your wallet safe, but suffers by being more complicated to use. Unlike other wallets, LiteVault network never sees your private keys and are unable to access your funds. They also have a Hidden Service URL for those accessing their website on Tor (an anonymous communication service), but you must use this service when accessing through Tor. If not, your wallet is at a high risk of getting stolen.
  • Coinomi – This is a multi-coin wallet with almost all major coins, and more being added. A great feature they offer is to trade from coin to coin inside the wallet system. This means that you no longer have to use exchanges to trade coins, through Shapshift and Changelly. Like LiteVault, Coinomi has no access to your funds and anonymizes your IP address. Coinomi holds over 70+ blockchain coins.
  • Jaxx – This is another multi-coin wallet founded by Anthony Diiorrio, Ethereums co-founder, and currently being directed by Charlie Shrem, a cryptocurrency mogul. Jaxx doesn’t require you to register or make an account, so you can start adding your coins immediately. They like to give the user full control, so Jaxx doesn’t have access to your funds. They also have a free customer support team for whenever you encounter any issues. Finally, they allow for trading within the wallet using Shapeshift, so that you can move your coins from one crypto to another with an exchange.
  • Conclusion: LoafWallet appears to have one of the cleanest interfaces and ease of use. LiteVault while more complicated, seems to have more features regarding safety, especially for internet experts that browse exclusively through Tor. The multi-coin wallets are great because they allow you to trade within the wallet, bypassing the need to use an exchange. While Coinomi does have a vast amount of coins, many of them are less popular and some are straight up useless. However, Jaxx has a smaller, but far more solid selection.

Overall, each wallet will benefit individual user’s differently, so go with whatever you think will suit your needs best.

Jan. 19, 2018