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How to Buy Over $10K in Bitcoin with Bitcoin Depot


How To Buy Over $10K in Bitcoin with Bitcoin Depot

Finally, a way to buy crypto privately and securely!

With Bitcoin Depot, buying Bitcoin (BTC) with cash  is easy, quick, and 100% secure. No more risky crypto exchanges with long onboarding times that could take days or weeks. We provide Over The Counter (OTC) services, which means each OTC customer will get the white glove treatment for their transactions, with convenience and security. 

This service also allows you to avoid the frustration of waiting several days for an approval from a public exchange that has no dedicated customer support. We are on-call for you at any time, so you’re never left hanging.  You can click here to learn more and sign up.

Here's how it works. It's simple!

1)Fill out the quick form on our website and submit the onboarding documentation.

2)Once you get approved, you can email us the USD amount that you are looking to spend (must be at least $10,000) and we will promptly reply with the amount of BTC that your USD will buy.

3)Once that quote is agreed upon, we’ll send you our wire transfer info and you will provide us with your BTC wallet address.

4)When the wire arrives in our account, we will instantly send the funds to the BTC wallet address that you provided us with. 

Bitcoin Depot even offers a loyalty program based on the volume of your crypto transaction. VisitBitcoin Depot OTCto understand the different tiers and fees. 

Bitcoin Depot’s OTC services provides customers with another method to purchase cryptocurrency.  Consumers can also use one of 7,000+ Bitcoin ATMs in the US and Canada to convert cash to crypto, and they can also use credit/debit cards to purchase less than $10k worth of crypto online at  Plus, Bitcoin Depot recently launched BDCheckout.  This service allows those that download the Bitcoin Depot mobile app to load their cash on the app and head to a participating retailer to pay at the cash register with cash.  To find out more, you can visit

June 30, 2022