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How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash Using a Bitcoin ATM

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Not every person buying Bitcoin has a bank card or a digital bank account to buy cryptocurrency. Or, in some cases, buying Bitcoin digitally is just not preferred. Since cash is still the most prominent payment method around the world, you must be able to buy Bitcoin with cash just as easily as if you were buying digitally.  

AtBitcoin Depot, we want our Bitcoin ATMs to be convenient, so we offer features that allow you to buy Bitcoin with cash so you can access cryptocurrency digitally and with the cash you have on hand.

Benefits of Using an ATM to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

While there are other platforms you can use to buy cryptocurrency, buying Bitcoin with cash from an ATM is convenient, especially when Bitcoin ATMs are becoming more popular in larger cities.

Buying cryptocurrency may seem like a daunting task but using an ATM makes it fast and easy and most importantly—familiar. 

Most people are familiar with using ATMs, so buying cryptocurrency from a Bitcoin ATM isn’t completely different. Even younger people who are used to handling all of their banking online or through an app will find the Bitcoin ATM layout easy to use.

Aside from it’s convenient and user-friendly layout, buying Bitcoin with cash at an ATM is instant, so you pay in cash and get your BTC immediately and privately to your Bitcoin wallet address.

Bitcoin Depot ATMs are always located in easily accessible locations in areas that are open late so you can feel confident when you buy Bitcoin with cash at a location near you.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash from an ATM

Now that you know how easy it is to buy Bitcoin with cash from an ATM, it’s time to know just how you do it with these easy instructions:

1.    Locate thenearest Bitcoin ATMto you.

2.    Follow the Bitcoin ATM instructions to order how much Bitcoin you want to buy.

3.     Click “Buy Bitcoin”. Verify your identity if required.

4.    Provide your Bitcoin address where you want the Bitcoins to be sent.

5.    Insert cash bills into the Bitcoin ATM.

6.    Confirm the amount and complete your transaction.

Similar to traditional ATMs, once you’ve inserted your fiat cash, the Bitcoin ATM sends Bitcoins directly to your crypto wallet.

To learn more about how to purchaseand sellcryptocurrency from a Bitcoin ATM, check out our user-friendlyguide.

How to Find the Nearest Bitcoin ATM

Ready to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM and start using your cash to invest in cryptocurrency? At Bitcoin Depot, we’re constantly expanding to help cities access Bitcoin easier than ever before. From Atlanta to Los Angeles and the areas in between, our Bitcoin Depot ATMs are easily accessible and open late, with some open 24 hours.


To find a Bitcoin Depot ATM near you, visit our locations page and start buying Bitcoin with cash today!

Aug. 24, 2020