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Blockchain Women’s History Month Featuring: Linda Goetze

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Linda Goetze

Linda and her husband first got into bitcoin back in 2012 around the time of the first bull run to $100 – before even started keeping track of bitcoin prices. She first heard about bitcoin at an international conference she attended where some respected economists were talking about it being an uncorrelated new asset class that would enhance portfolio diversity.

Linda admits it was an uncomfortable choice for her and her husband to finally make the decision to acquire bitcoin, and one of the factors that led them to pull the trigger was their realization that bitcoin could serve as a financial chaos hedge (see countries like Greece, Venezuela, and African nations as recent examples).

Over the past 6 years, Linda has watched the cryptocurrency market rise and fall repeatedly, and grow from one distributed ledger technology (bitcoin) into thousands. Together, with her husband, they have seen blockchain technology evolve from being the network that powered bitcoin, to being a vital component in helping the worlds biggest companies and governments work more efficiently (such as IBM and Estonias government).

Linda has seen how much of an impact blockchain initiatives have had on revolutionizing industries such as supply chain, real estate, healthcare, etc. to create end-to-end solutions that are faster, cheaper, and all-around better for businesses. Now, as the President of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce (BCC), it has been her pride to collaborate with traditional chambers, both locally and internationally, to raise awareness, facilitate adoption, and inspire advocacy for commerce, consumers, and people building careers around blockchain.

At the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Linda is helping connect grassroots communities around the world that are focused on blockchain education and collaborative innovation. Linda believes her 12 verticals will help bring structure to evolving blockchain ecosystems and help individuals and corporations looking for blockchain solutions to find them. With the beginnings of a very strong lineup on the advisory board of BCC, including Eric Piscini, Jack Brube, James Wallis, John Adcox, and another powerful woman, Katherine Kuzmeskas, they are rapidly growing their ability to best serve the community.

We have known Linda from various meetups and conferences around Atlanta, and we’ve always been impressed by her knowledge and clear focus for the future of blockchain. Linda is honored to be a part of the process that is writing history in an immutable way that wasn’t previously possible. She encourages men and women to join her in creating history in this new and budding industry.

March 11, 2019