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The best gift you can give this season, Bitcoin! [Bitcoin Gifting Guide]


With the price of Bitcoin these days, it’s no wonder Bitcoin is on everyone’s mind again. This time, it’s coinciding with the holiday season! So why not consider gifting the gift that keeps on giving, Bitcoin!

The holiday season is stressful enough, that’s why the Bitcoin Depot team is here to help. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite Bitcoin gifting ideas in one place so you don’t have to.

1. Bitcoin “Coupons” 

Remember when you were little and you’d make your parents’ gifts for “Breakfast in Bed” or 

“Foot Massages” on a little “coupon”. Now take that same concept and apply it to Bitcoin!

Easy, right?

By using ourBuy Onlinefeature, you can purchase Bitcoin from the comfort of your home! Store and keep safe till your Dad asks at the dinner table “How are those “Bit Coins” treating you? “

From there you can either create a coupon yourself and print it out, or use services like Etsy to purchase something! Check out the amazing creationFowlerElectronicscan make for this exact gift idea.

2. Turn a cash gift into something better. 

Were you originally planning to gift cash this holiday season? You should consider turning that cash into Bitcoin!

Byvisiting any of various Bitcoin Depot BTMs across the country, you can easily take your cash and turn it into the perfect gift that keeps on giving, Bitcoin. Within a few easy steps, you’ll have your Bitcoin ready to gift!

With these fresh takes on Bitcoin gifting, we hope your holiday gift-giving is revitalized and your giftee is excited for the best gift of all, Bitcoin!

If you ended up using any of these ideas, let us know via social media @BitcoinDepot! 

Dec. 21, 2020