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These Cities Have the Most Bitcoin ATM Locations to Handle Your Cryptocurrency Needs


With the cryptocurrency market on a meteoric rise, more cities are becoming crypto-friendly every single day. From your closest convenience store to your favorite mall to your most frequented gas station, Bitcoin ATMs are becoming the norm with over 3,500 machines across more than500 locationsaround the United States. And with an average of six Bitcoin ATMs installed daily, there is no end in sight. While Bitcoin ATM locations are determined by the banking regulations of each individual state, many major cities are becoming pro-crypto so it is easier for you to access your Bitcoin from anywhere, at any time. 

AtBitcoin Depot, it is our mission to provide the most secure and convenient cryptocurrency transactions on the market. See our list of the top cities with the most Bitcoin Depot ATMs. 

Los Angeles – 221 Bitcoin ATMs

As one of the most densely populated metropolitan cities in the United States, it should come as no surprise that Los Angeles ranks the highest forBitcoin ATM locations. With its modern lifestyle and willingness to adopt innovative technology, the City of Angels has become the ideal hub for Bitcoin ATMs. And while the market is extremely competitive because of Silicon Valley, we continue to add several Bitcoin ATMs each month, so you never have to roam far to access your favorite cryptocurrencies. 

Atlanta – 152 Bitcoin ATMs 

While Atlanta may be significantly smaller than other cities on this list, it proudly boasts the second-highest amount ofBitcoin ATM locations. With the emergence of the entertainment and technology industries over the last ten years, it has become one of the hottest spots for cryptocurrency growth. We even located our headquarters here! So, whether you are in Buckhead or Decatur or Midtown, you are guaranteed to have access to your Bitcoin twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Chicago – 126 Bitcoin ATMs 

Chi-town is considered to be a powerhouse city in the technology and financial sectors. Along with being the third most populated city in the nation, it is also ranked third for totalBitcoin ATM locations. With several cryptocurrency startups in the city, as well as its rich history in the financial sector, it does not look like this trend will be stopping any time soon, so go to your nearest location and get in on the exciting world of Bitcoin trading today. 

Miami – 71 Bitcoin ATMs

While it may not be considered a technological hub compared to the other cities on this list, Miami is growing a reputation for becoming a crucial cryptocurrency hub in the country. With its luxurious way of life, rich tourism industry and affluent residents, the interest in Bitcoin is rapidly rising. So, visit aBitcoin ATM locationto get in on the ground floor while you still can!

Visit Your Nearest Bitcoin ATM Location to Begin Trading Today

Withthousands of locationsspread across the United States, we are the fastest-growing multi-cryptocurrency ATM network in the nation. With a vision to bring Bitcoin to the masses, we introduce more locations and machines monthly to make it more convenient for you to instantly buy Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum using cash. 

Visit ourwebsiteto learn more about our Bitcoin ATM locations and where you can go to purchase your cryptocurrency today. At Bitcoin Depot, we streamline processes to deliver your Bitcoin more efficiently than ever before. 

Feb. 24, 2021