Sell Bitcoin for Cash

Convert your crypto to cash at select Bitcoin Depot ATMs (BTMs).
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Why Sell Crypto with Bitcoin Depot?


Get cash directly from a BTM in minutes by linking your wallet.


The process is easy. Just follow a few simple steps.

How It Works

Some Bitcoin Depot ATMs (BTMs) allow you to sell crypto for cash.

1. Find a BTM

Use our map to locate BTMs that dispense cash and head to your nearest location.

2. Generate SMS Code

Enter your phone number to receive an SMS code to start your transaction.

3. Enter Transaction Amount

Select “Sell” and enter the amount (in USD) of crypto you’d like to sell.

4. Send Your Crypto

Open the Bitcoin Depot app (or another wallet) and select “Send”, then scan the QR code on the screen of the BTM.

5. Receive Your Cash

Once we receive your crypto, you can select “Redeem” and the BTM will disperse your cash.

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