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Bitcoin Depot® Wallet App

Buy Crypto online and offline. Send, receive, swap and store all in one app.

Multi-Asset Support

Choose from hundreds of cryptocurrencies and securely store them in your digital wallet

Exchange Between Assets

Swap your Bitcoin for Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency in just a few clicks

ATM Locations Search

Find a Bitcoin ATM near you to buy the assets you need

Hold all your assets in one place with the Bitcoin Depot Wallet App you can use up to 120 cryptocurrency wallets and tokens by adding them to your App in just a few simple steps.
Don't see the crypto you want in the Bitcoin Depot App? Here is how you can add more!

Here is how you can add wallets:
Click the "Add Wallet" button
Select a wallet type based on the cryptocurrency you'd like to hold
Select a fiat currency
Type a wallet name
Click the button "Confirm"
You will see the added token on the main page!
Here is how you can add tokens:
Click the "Add Token" button
Mark the token in the check-box and click "Save"
You will see the added token on the main page!

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The Bitcoin Depot Wallet App is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store