Published Oct, 31 2017

Where Can I Spend Bitcoin?

You may be wondering where you can spend your BTC. It’s easier than you think! Many local and online business are accepting bitcoin directly, or through gift cards and debit cards.
Where Can I Spend My Bitcoin

You may be wondering where you can spend your Bitcoin. It’s easier than you think! Many local and online businesses are accepting Bitcoin directly, or through gift cards and debit cards.

1. Local Restaurants / Shops

Hundreds of restaurants have started to accept Bitcoin using QR scanners directly from the virtual wallet. Participating restaurants will indicate in their store windows or website if they accept BTC payments. However, the app Menufy allows a workaround where users can buy credits in BTC that can be used to make purchases from participating retailers.

Coinmap is one of the best sites/applications to use to locate brick-and-mortar locations near you that accept Bitcoin. From major retailers to local merchants, Coinmap is the largest registry for Bitcoin businesses in the United States and Europe.

2. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for businesses to host their store online, with nearly 100,000 merchants that will let you spend Bitcoin. Through Shopify, you can shop with independent retailers that sell a diverse range of goods, from clothes to bicycles.

3. Bitpay

Bitpay allows you to spend Bitcoin on a card anywhere that accepts VISA. This means you can swipe your Bitpay card as if it were your credit or debit card for seamless Bitcoin integration into your daily lifestyle. Bitpay also offers business accounts to accept Bitcoin as payment along with direct deposit into your bank account.

Bitpay says: “The card solves a major problem for early blockchain payments adopters: how to convert bitcoin received, earned, or saved into a balance spendable with everyday Visa-accepting merchants and Visa-compatible ATMs.”

4. Overstock is a vast eCommerce platform where users can purchase furniture, jewelry, clothes and much more. Through this site, customers can order in bulk or make individual purchases using their BTC.

5. Expedia

You can use Bitcoin to pay for your flight and hotel if you’re in a vacation mood. Flight comparison site Cheapoair accepts Bitcoin payment, as well as Expedia. At the point of checkout, you can give your BTC wallet information to cover your travel costs.

6. is a new service arising to handle travel needs in a manner similar to Expedia. There are great deals on hotels, rental cars, and local attractions throughout the site.

A Holiday Inn hotel in New York and two other hotels in Las Vegas are accepting bitcoin in a pilot program, and as it proves successful more lodging facilities may begin to use crypto-payments.

For now, booking online is a better option with Bitcoin Travel or Expedia.

7. Dish Network

Dish Network accepts payment through Bitcoin, so you can equip your home with satellite television, Amazon Alexa, and other Dish Network tech products and services.


Vendors who utilize Square can accept Bitcoin as payment. This means that a wider range of goods and services from independent retailers are available for purchase with BTC.

9. Gambling

You can also gamble with Bitcoin through online casinos and sportsbooks. Anything from tennis to NFL to FIFA can be bet on with Bitcoin.

10. Microsoft / Windows / XBOX

Microsoft has extended to include BTC as a payment method for games and in-game purchases. The popular software company manufactures XBOX One, but also the popular Windows 10 operating system where purchases can be made for apps and games.

11. Dell

Dell accepts BTC if you are seeking a new laptop. Certain Alienware laptops have price specials when cryptocurrency is used at checkout. Newegg and Memory Dealers also sell computer hardware, software, and some appliances.

12. Gift Cards : (Home Depot, Sears, CVS, GameStop + more)

For some in-store purchases, QR scanners can take the place of cash and credit cards. Home Depot, Sears, and CVS allow for payments in Bitcoin, through the tool, which processes the Bitcoin exchange and facilitates the payment to retailers. The bitcoin is instantly converted into an egift card, which is then instantly used for the in-store purchase.

And if ever in a need of cash to shop, remember that you can convert Bitcoin into cash using Bitcoin ATMs.