Published Mar, 24 2022

Blockchain Technology: Revolutionizing The World

Throughout time, there have always been phenomenal situations that led to unprecedented changes. Blockchain Technology is one of these changes.
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Throughout time, there have always been phenomenal situations that led to unprecedented changes. Blockchain Technology is one of these changes.

Blockchain is an unchangeable digital ledger stored on a computer network in many places. It is a shared database that differs from typical databases by storing information. Each transaction recorded on the ledger is called a block.

Each block has its unique identifier, a cryptographic "hash." The hash protects the information within the block from unauthorized access. It also protects the block's place along the chain by identifying the block that came before it. This is the strength of its immutability.

With blockchain technology, there is "digital trust." While a physical record can be lost, altered, or tampered with, blockchain storage is immune to these issues.  In contrast to traditional methods of record-keeping, this helps to build trust in its use.

Blockchain technology is characterized by its immutability and ability to be distributed. Being immutable means it will be accurate as there is no room for any alteration.

The word blockchain is derived from its storage style. The information contained in each block is dependent and connected to the information in a previous block.  This overtime forms a chain of transactions. Each new block added to the network is assigned a unique encrypted key.

There are different types of blockchain, each with its peculiar mode. It is the technology that various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and others work on. Beyond that, it is used for other things such as selling arts in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Blockchain technology can be used in healthcare, media and advertising, banking, and other financial institutions. As a result, blockchain technology has been accepted and adopted today.

Blockchain Application in Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology usage has its major use in cryptocurrency. With this feature, individuals can make transactions across borders without a third party. It also creates unchangeable storage of information that can not be altered.

Blockchain Usage in other Industries

Block technology is creeping into other industries. Blockchain adoption in the banking system provides a fluid method of performing transactions without banks. Bitcoin's peer-to-peer network makes it easy to send money across borders without third-party regulation. All you do is paste the e-wallet of the receiver, and you can send it to any location.

This innovation has given rise to the increase of Bitcoin ATMs. This method is more convenient for people to use in their day-to-day lives in place of traditional banking services

Medical records and information can be stored on a blockchain in the health sector. The immutable nature makes it impossible for alterations. Also, health insurance payments can be sped up with blockchain.

Property records can be stored on the blockchain within the real estate industry. This makes it easy to authenticate ownership and makes the transfer of ownership faster during sales.

Blockchain technology can be used within the corporate world to make smart contracts. These contracts can be executed without an intermediary; once the conditions embedded in the codes are fulfilled.

Blockchain technology is used in the production and development of video games. This provides a satisfying gaming experience, especially in crypto-based play-to-earn mode.

In music, blockchain can track song streaming and pay royalties to the parties involved. It can also aid record-keeping as records held on the blockchain are not prone to duplicity.

This is also used in selling NFTs. Sellers can verify a digital asset's authenticity as information on the blockchain is immutable. It can also help for valuation purposes of artworks as verifiable ownership of such commodities is available.

Conclusion: The Future is Blockchain

Blockchain's boundless possibilities are no doubt why this technology is here to stay. Many industries are already adopting it to replace conventional practices.

With blockchain technology, data is recorded in a way that cannot be changed, hacked, or altered. This has increased trust in digital record keeping and provided information storage that is secure.

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