Published Mar, 03 2022

5 Best Wallets For Use With Bitcoin ATMs

If you're looking to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin with cash at a cryptocurrency ATM (Bitcoin ATM), then it's important that you know which wallets will be great options to get the job done properly.
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If you're looking to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with cash at a cryptocurrency ATM (Bitcoin ATM), then it's important that you know which wallets will be great options to get the job done properly. As the popularity of digital currencies has increased in recent years, so too have the number of ATMs available across the world. Some ATMs allow users to exchange their fiat currency into crypto and others allow them to do transactions in reverse (also known as 2-way Bitcoin ATMs). This blog post will discuss five of the top cryptocurrency wallets for use at these machines.

#1. The Best Wallet for Crypto Newbies

Exodus is a secure wallet for beginners that comes with good customer support. It also offers optional cold storage options, making it easy to store your coins with peace of mind!

Exodus is a wallet that has been gaining popularity over the past several months. It's perfect for beginners and also offers great customer support, which can be hard to come by in this market of crypto enthusiasts who are all trying their best not only with research but investing money as well!

The user interface (UI) provides an easy-to-use experience while still providing enough customization options so you don't end up feeling limited or bored after just one month on board.



#2. The Best Wallet for Security

One of the best wallets to use at cryptocurrency ATMs is the Ledger Nano S. This hardware wallet allows users to store their private keys offline, which protects them against hackers and other types of security threats. The device itself must be plugged into a computer or phone before any transactions can take place. Even though this method does require more work than some options, it provides maximum protection with little room for error.

Price:$60-$120 (depending on model)


#3. The Best Wallet for Tech-Savvy Users

If you're a tech-savvy Bitcoin user who's been around the block, then there are some wallets that might be better for your needs. In this case, it would benefit you to have something more robust and customizable.

One of the most popular options is Electrum. This wallet has been around for quite some time and provides you with a great deal of power over your own crypto!




#4. The Best Wallet for iPhone (iOS) Users

Accessing your crypto exclusively from your iPhone? A mobile wallet is the best choice. The Breadwallet (now known as BRD) is a great option for iPhone owners. It's free, easy to use, and very lightweight - making it the perfect wallet for anyone looking for something simple!


iOS App:

#5. The Best Wallet for Android Users

Is Android more your flavor? While the Bread Wallet is now also available on Android, the Mycelium wallet is a better fit for those sporting a Google-based smartphone. Mycelium is extremely versatile and is not limited to just Bitcoin. You can also use it with DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin & Namecoin! It also has native integration with ShapeShift, so you can easily trade between these cryptos as well right within the wallet.

This wallet has been around since 2013. For people who are familiar with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, this will be a fantastic choice because their interface makes everything about using cryptocurrency much easier than expected. They also have great features like Ledger Nano S integration which means you can store all of your coins in one place that supports multi-currency storage (very convenient).



Which Wallet is Best for You?

In conclusion, when it comes time for your next crypto ATM transaction, make sure that the wallet of choice is one with high-security standards that will protect your coins every step of the way. Also, ensure that whatever wallet you choose can easily connect up via QR code scanning right at the ATM kiosk itself - this ensures easy access without having to manually type in an address or seed words each time!