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With thousands of locations, we are the largest Bitcoin ATM network in North America.

Ways to Buy with Bitcoin Depot

Bitcoin ATM

Choose from nearly 7,000 Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) across the US and Canada.
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Fund your Bitcoin wallet at the checkout counter of a participating retailer.
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Buy Online

Purchase crypto online with a debit or credit card, powered by Simplex.
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Why Choose Bitcoin Depot?


Get crypto in minutes. All you need is a digital wallet and you’re ready to rock.


The choice is yours—visit a Bitcoin ATM, buy online, or fund your Bitcoin wallet at the checkout counter.


Bitcoin Depot does not take ownership or custody of your crypto. Instead, it goes straight to your wallet.

We’re Just Around the Corner

We’re Just Around the Corner

Find a Bitcoin Depot ATM or fund your wallet at the checkout counter at one of our participating retailers.
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