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Need larger transactions with a more personalized white-glove trading experience? Meet the newest addition to Bitcoin Depot, our OTC (over-the-counter) Trading Service. With our new services, the trades you need happen faster, easier and more efficiently.

White glove Benefit


Effortless transaction services

We’ve streamlined processes to deliver your bitcoin faster and efficiently. Wires are processed the same day they are received by Bitcoin Depot.


Transaction amount

Get the trades you need without limits. Our OTC services currently have no maximum transaction amount to ensure your needs are met. Minimum transaction amounts start at $10,000.


Personalized support

Our dedicated customer service team is ready to help. With personalized support, our reps are available to assist you to ensure an easy and quick transaction.

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Bitcoin Depot does not serve clients that are registered Money Servicing Businesses (MSB) or whose primary residence is in Hawaii, New York, or Washington due to their regulation policies in regard to Digital Currency. Clients must have a bank account that is based in the United States to transact.