Earn Extra Revenue

Bitcoin Depot compensates locations that host a Bitcoin ATM generously. Locations earn a monthly payment for simply having one of our machines take up 18"x23" space at their location

Increase Foot Traffic

Bitcoin Depot`s ATMs are posted on a network on websites that allow for Bitcoin customers to find the ATM closest to them. This network of customers also translates to a greater exposure for your business.

Support Bitcoin Locally

Having a local Bitcoin ATM greatly improves Bitcoin adoption in a local community. Many locations find nearby businesses start accepting Bitcoin for their goods and services. Some even accept Bitcoin themselves.

Zero Risk. Zero Cost. Monthly Revenue.

We are looking for locations with high foot traffic and long operating hours. Most of our bitcoin ATMs are in 24 hour gas stations and convenience stores but we sometimes work with grocery stores and liquor stores. Apply to see if your location meets our requirements and we will contact you with further information.

Sign up to Host a Bitcoin Depot ATM

Hosting a Bitcoin ATM in your business can be a steady source of passive income. Apply to see if your location meets our qualifications. Most of our locations are open long hours and have heavy foot traffic like gas stations and convenient stores.