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Find the Nearest Bitcoin ATM in Your City: New December and January Bitcoin ATM Locations


The cryptocurrency market is thriving and atBitcoin Depot, we are thrilled to announce our newestBitcoin ATM locations! Installed throughout the United States and Canada, we have added over 230 new Bitcoin ATMs inDecemberandJanuary, making it easier than ever for you to instantly buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum using cash!


As the fastest-growing multi-cryptocurrency ATM Network, Bitcoin Depot has one of the largest lineups of Bitcoin ATMs across the nation, making it fast, secure and convenient for you to buy the altcoin of your choice. Find the nearest Bitcoin ATM near you to purchase Bitcoin and experience the exciting growth of the cryptocurrency industry for yourself!


New December and January Bitcoin ATM Locations

From Austin, TX to Tampa, FL, it is our vision to streamline the process of buying Bitcoin to make cryptocurrency transactions easy, accessible and safe for everyone using our intuitive Bitcoin ATMs.


See below to find your nearest Bitcoin ATM location:


·      Austin , Sunoco, 118 S Dowling St  24/7 Get Directions


·      Beaverton , Plaid Pantry, 13875 SW Farmington Rd  24/7 Get Directions


·      Brandon , Circle K, 812 E Lumsden Rd  24/7 Get Directions


·      Cape Coral , Circle K, 819 SE 26th St  24/7 Get Directions


·      Chicago , Los Hermanos Food and Liquor, 4101 W 47th St.  Mon-Sun: 9:00am - 9:00pm Get Directions


·      Decatur , King's Liquor, 1495 W King St  Mon-Sun: 10:00am - 12:00am Get Directions


·      Dover , Smileys Discount Beverage, 7 Main St  Mon-Sun: 7:00am - 11:30pm Get Directions


·      Elizabethtown , Amoco, 2611 Leitchfield Rd  Mon-Sun: 5:00am - 11:00pm Get Directions


·      Escondido , Circle K, 1161 E Valley Pkwy  24/7 Get Directions

·      Florence , C Mart, 2015 S Irby St  Mon-Sun: 6:00am - 12:00am Get Directions


·      Greensboro , Citgo, 7340 W Friendly Ave.  24/7 Get Directions


·      Hillsboro , Plaid Pantry, 101 NE 43rd Ave  24/7 Get Directions


·      Indianapolis , BP, 3801 E 38th St  24/7 Get Directions


·      Jacksonville , Circle K, 5408 N Main St  24/7 Get Directions


·      Kalamazoo , Marathon, 1114 Douglas Ave  24/7 Get Directions


·      Kingsport , Shell, 3104 Memorial Blvd  Mon-Sun: 6:00am - 12:00am Get Directions


·      Los Angeles , Arco, 9922 S Main St  24/7 Get Directions


·      Madison , Amstar, 1129 S Park St  Mon-Sun: 4:00am - 12:00am Get Directions


·      McMinnville , Plaid Pantry, 1911 NE Baker St  24/7 Get Directions


·      Newark , Kingdom Liquors, 508 N 11th St,  Mon-Sun: 10:00am - 8:00pm Get Directions


·      Orlando , Circle K, 6942 West Sand Lake Rd  24/7 Get Directions


·      Portland , Plaid Pantry, 6440 SE 82nd Ave  24/7 Get Directions


·      Salem , Plaid Pantry, 2505 State St  24/7 Get Directions


·      Tampa , Circle K, 4804 Gunn Hwy  24/7 Get Directions


·      Victorville , Arco, 12117 Palmdale Rd  24/7 Get Directions


·      Ypsilanti , BP, 1645 Washtenaw Ave  Mon-Sun: 6:00am -12:00am Get Directions


Buy Bitcoin with Cash Using Bitcoin Depot ATMs


Before you go to your nearest Bitcoin ATM location, be prepared with what you need to purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum using cash – or using your debit or credit card.


Follow these steps to buy Bitcoin at one of our Bitcoin ATMs:


1.    Locate your nearest Bitcoin ATM

2.    Follow the instructions to order your desired cryptocurrency and amount

3.    Select “Buy Bitcoin” and verify your identity (required for select purchase amounts)

4.    Direct where you would like your Bitcoin sent and provide your Bitcoin address

5.    Insert cash into the Bitcoin ATM

6.    Verify the amount and complete your purchase


Visit our website today to find your nearest Bitcoin ATM location and learn more about everything the cryptocurrency market has to offer.

Jan. 25, 2021