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How To Earn A Passive Income With Bitcoin Depot (Affiliate Program)

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Earn $15 for every person you sign up!

With the new Bitcoin Depot Affiliate Rewards Program, new users can sign up for our ATM network using the code “NEWUSER15” and receive $15! By creating an account you will also receive your own, shareable code that you can share with friends and family, or broadcast your code to the world via social media and get hundreds of signups. For every person that signs up with your code you receive $15 worth of bitcoin, meaning that with a large outreach you could earn a passive income in bitcoin by simply broadcasting your code to friends and followers.

Our affiliate program is a great way to start earning passive income while being paid in bitcoin.

Watch this video on how to sign up now:

Before, you had to make an account at our ATMs, but now with the new Affiliate Rewards Program you can sign up online before you use one of our ATMs. Once someone signs up online using your code they can go to the nearest ATM and spend at least $150, then you will both receive $15 in FREE bitcoin. For every person that signs up and spends $150 at our ATM you and the user will both earn $15. We currently have no cap as to how much money you can make or how many people you sign up. So go out there, broadcast your code to the world and start earning a passive income in bitcoin!

Sign up here to begin!

Feb. 1, 2019