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Bitcoin Depot Reaches 100 ATMs in Atlanta

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If you’re looking to buy Bitcoin in Atlanta, Bitcoin Depot has now made it easier than ever to buy Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency with our Bitcoin Depot ATMs. We’re thrilled to announce that Bitcoin Depot has reached a massive 100 Bitcoin ATMs in the city to help make Atlanta the third-largest city in the United States when it comes to the amount of Bitcoin ATMs. This means if you live in Atlanta, or are here for a visit, you won’t have any trouble buying Bitcoin from one of our many Atlanta Bitcoin ATMs.

Atlanta: A Major Hub for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Atlanta has a special place in our hearts as the city serves as the Bitcoin Depot headquarters. We’re delighted to have helped make Atlanta one of the major hubs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts by bringing Bitcoin to the masses. Cryptocurrency was once an elusive idea that many found unfathomable. Now, with years of dedication toward bringing Bitcoin ATMs to Atlanta, we’ve made it easy to access cryptocurrency through our Bitcoin ATMs. The idea of easily getting Bitcoin is no longer just an idea. It’s a reality.

Los Angeles currently has 439 Bitcoin ATMs throughout the city, followed by Chicago at 273. Now with an added 100 Bitcoin ATMs from Bitcoin Depot, Atlanta has climbed to the third spot with 233 Bitcoin ATMs total. Miami comes in behind Atlanta at a close fourth with 213 Bitcoin ATMs. This ranks Atlanta up top for cryptocurrency with some of the biggest cities in the US.

Currently, Bitcoin Depot has almost 50% market share in Atlanta. As Atlanta continues to grow in the cryptocurrency space, it’s becoming one of the most competitive grounds for Bitcoin ATMs. Due to the small geographical size and the high demand for Bitcoin ATMs, Atlanta is on track to become one of the first cities in the entire world with over half the gas stations in the city containing a Bitcoin ATM. This incredible advancement makes Atlanta a must for any cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Find Our Bitcoin ATM Atlanta Locations

With 100 Bitcoin ATMs in Atlanta, you can forget sitting in traffic trying to get across the city to buy Bitcoin. Our Bitcoin Depot ATMs are spread throughout the area making it easy for you to buy Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency no matter where you live in Atlanta. Many of our  Atlanta Bitcoin ATM locations are open seven days a week and even accessible 24 hours.

Whether you live in Decatur, Alpharetta, Marietta, Sandy Springs, or any of the other Atlanta suburbs, we have you covered. You can find a convenient Bitcoin Depot ATM open seven days a week in and around Atlanta.

If this is your first-time purchasing Bitcoin in Atlanta, now is the perfect time to start.  Our Bitcoin Depot ATMs are user-friendly and easy to access so you can feel confident making a purchase each time.

Visit an Atlanta Bitcoin Depot ATM Near You Today

At Bitcoin Depot, our goal is to provide the most easy and convenient way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Atlanta and across the United States. With over 300 ATMs in 25 states, we’re continuing to expand and give everyone access to the innovative world of cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin Depot, you can now buy Bitcoin any day of the week and discover why this cryptocurrency is changing the world’s economy.

Visit our website to find one of our 100 Bitcoin Depot ATM Atlanta locations close to you and begin buying your very own Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency today!

Dec. 16, 2019